Who Can Find Hidden Water Leaks On Yachts?

It is said nothing good ever comes out of water inside a boat. Leaks within your yacht can prove destructive let alone risk sinking your boat. The leaks require to be identified earlier and a solution offered before more destruction can occur.

This is a sponsored post by ADI Leak Detection.

And here is where ADI comes in. ADI is a group of leak detection specialist who use ultra-modern technics to identify leaks and cracks in the hull and decks of your boat. Our thermal imaging will quickly point out the hole filling up your Hull with water. Call in today on 0333 200 5443 and we shall get back to you in no time.

Common Culprits For Hidden Water Leaks On Boats

  1. Windows-As the boat ages with time, the windows become a common leaking spot. The worn-out and sometimes rusty frames acquire holes and cracks that let in water inside the deck.
  2. Deck glands- These vital fittings are used to keep out water where the wires pass through the deck. They are also a common leak spot. Common causes may be the rubber gaskets have worn out or the wires are too small for the gland.
  3. Engine hoses- Holes in an engine hose or a fractured spigot are a common source of leaks below the waterline. It may result from the powerful push from the engine pumps.
  4. Deck fittings- Some fittings such as stanchion bases can shift under intense pressure and crack. This results in water leaks through the deck. Jib tracks and winch bases are also prone to water leaks as a result of the numerous holes driven into the deck.
  5. Keel-stepped mast- If you have a keel-stepped mast, it is common to find water trickling down the mast and to the bilge. The mast track may be letting water through filling your boat with water.
  6. Engine water pump- As the engine water pump ages, the metal components get eaten away thus causing water leaks. The wearing off and rusting increases in Saline waters.

What We Do.

ADI-Leak-Detection-ServicesADI will come in with the latest technology to help you identify the leaking holes and cracks. This is achieved through;

  • Thermal imaging leak detection- we shall use our digital thermal cameras to check for leaks through variations of the heat patterns. The variations are indicative of the presence of leaks. The benefit of thermal imaging is that even the tiniest of leaks can be identified.
  • Acoustic leak detection- Our acoustic leak detectors will use high and low frequencies to pinpoint the exact location of the cracks that may cause leakages in your hull and deck. Low-frequency signals will be able to reach out to further around the bilge.
  • Leak correlation- Our advanced sensors and software will be able to interpret and map out the multiple water leaks within your boat. They will also provide the easiest and safest route for repair in line with maintaining the integrity of your boat.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Upfront pricing- We provide instant quotations upon being demanded. You are guaranteed of no hidden costs whatsoever.
  • Registered and licensed personnel- All our engineers and plumbers are Gas Safe certified to handle any leak detection and repairs
  • State of the art equipment- Our ultra-modern equipment allows us to provide quick and exemplary services to all our customers.
  • All our staff are insured- Our crew is covered under the workmans compensation and you wont have to worry if any incidences occur during the line of work.

Are you searching for leak detection services for your yacht? Reach out to us today on 0333 200 5443. You may also call us on 0800 731 3843.

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