garden waste

How to Remove Garden Waste Safely

If you have moved into a new property or you have let the grass grow under your feet and have a massive job of cleaning up a garden you may need a helping hand to get things neat and tidy so you can start enjoying your garden with no unsightly mess around.

garden waste

It is also easy to do some maintenance outside and just put things to one side to dispose of another day which may lead to it building up over time.

Overgrown trees bushes and grass will produce a fair amount so it is best to deal with the situation as soon as possible to avoid this.

Garden waste is produced by the regular maintenance of a lawn or a one off job.  Shrubs or trees  that are trimmed will produce cuttings and branches that need to be taken away and recycled.

Recycle Garden Waste

You could either do this yourself or have a competent garden waste clearance company come and do it for you. Doing it yourself will be hard work if there is a lot to take away. You will need appropriate bagging or sacks, some tools and a vehical for transporting. Your local council should allow for a small or reasonable amount of cuttings to be take away. If you do not know about this, it would be advisable to contact them too find out what you are allowed to dispose of and exactly how much you are allowed.

By producing large amounts of waste, you will need tools, bags and an appropriate vehical to take away and recycle. You will also need to find a reputable, licensed waste company to dispose or recycle it.

Of course it is easier to get some help and if you want to find a local company it is best to do some internet research.

Just write something like garden clearance company in london to find out a local business near you that can help. Of course if you are not in the capital add your city to the search for a list of nearby businesses. Hiring professionals like will help you clear out the wastes easily and smoothly.

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