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Potty Training your Toddler for Drier Nights

Whos finally ready to learn how to use the potty? Most parents cannot wait for their child to ditch the diapers and get to use the potty successfully. But do you know how much it takes for a toddler to get there? The child has to develop the necessary cognitive, physical and emotional skills for them to use the potty.

No doubt, potty training requires full support from the parent/guardian. As a parent, you need to know what signs to look for to know whether or not your kid is ready to use the potty, especially at night. Also, you must actively support habits that help keep the child dry throughout the night.

With the focus today being potty training for drier nights, here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind.

Theres a Difference between Daytime and Night Time Potty Training

Dont throw away all your spare diapers yet. While your kid may already know how to use the potty during the day, the story is quite different at night. Remember that the kid isnt as fully aware of themselves during sleep. It will, therefore, be harder to potty train your kid for drier nights compared to him or her learning how to use the same potty during the daytime.

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What you can do to Ensure Drier Nights

It takes patience on your part to help the kid wake up dry each morning. Note that no two kids are the same. One child can go through night time potty training successfully as early as 18 months, and others can wait up to 6 years. All you can do is meet your child halfway as their body strives to get there. You can do this by;

  • Establishing a no drinks rule an hour before the kids bedtime
  • Waking the child up at the same time every night to use the bathroom
  • Asking him or her to use the potty 30 minutes before bedtime
  • Preparing for accidents by laying disposable bed sheet protectors

How Do you know the Child is Ready?

For drier nights, your childs bladder must be big enough to hold the urine, and the bowel system developed enough to stay in control for the entire night. Whats more, the childs brain needs to be mature and developed enough to awaken in time for the child to use the potty.

There are tell-tale signs that could indicate that your child is fully potty trained. Such signs include,

  • Going for a week straight without wetting or soiling the bed
  • The child has developed a routine and wakes themselves up whenever they feel the urge to go to the bathroom
  • Visible interest in the child to stay clean and dry
  • The child can communicate clearly whenever she or he needs help to go to the bathroom

Parents need to follow the childs lead. Dont be in too much of a hurry to force your child to learn how to use the potty yet they dont exhibit a single sign of readiness to do so. Washing soiled bedsheets and pyjamas is never a delight for most parents and guardians. Punishing your kid as a result of a potty accident may delay their success in the process of learning how to use the potty. Try using waterproof mattress protectors from Safe Sleep Systems.

Remain positive throughout the training process; however long it takes. Soon enough with consistency and resilience, your kid will be the potty master. Whew! Now you can finally bid good riddance to those diapers once and for all.

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