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5 Off-Page SEO factors to focus on 2019

Are you looking for the best basic SEO practices in 2019? No need to worry. Lets start by understanding some of the best techniques that will enable high ranks on search engines and grow your business.

What is the off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO or off-site SEO involves the search engine optimization practice that entails doing things off your website. Link building on other websites to enhance search rankings is a perfect example of what requires off-page SEO. In that case, understanding most of the SEO factors to consider is essential for high rankings.

Create a recognizable and authoritative brand

It is crucial to recognize the fact that your brand is the core factor that can help increase your traffic and beat the competition. Having an authentic brand can rank high without link building and use of long keywords.

off page seo factorsWhy? In the year 2008, the former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, shed light on how the internet was a source of false information. He went ahead to highlight how the brand is the most effective way of determining if the content is worth trusting. So how do you build a brand?

  • Have high-quality products, if the product sucks work on making them better.
  • Use comprehensive marketing tools. Create adverts, guest appearances, and come up with quality content.
  • Make use of PR and media mentions.
  • Provide excellent customer service and take note of those testimonials to have more word of mouth advertising.

There is no magic in building an authentic brand other than putting efforts. With time your brand will grow.

Create links through guest posting and email outreach

When you think of off-page SEO, one of the things that cross your mind is link building. It is part of Google’s primary ranking factors, but there is a possibility that it is the hardest part of SEO. Here are some of the ways of link building:

  • Guest posting even though it not new or existing it works. Good guest post building should not be only for the links. Proper guest post building should propel brand awareness and even some traffic to your website.
  • Broken link building and source pages identify resource pages in your niche or shoulder a niche. Then reach out and ask if they can add a link to your content.

off page seoSubmit your articles to high-quality Niche directories

Do not make it a habit of submitting articles to any directories. Some of them are spammy and can hinder your rankings. You can send the articles to high-quality article directories that are almost like high domain resources pages.

Be present on forums and other blogs

These can be done by merely striving to help your fellow humans. That means you need to comment on blogs and answer some of the questions. Once they become aware and like you drop a link now and then.

Work on leveraging social media and influencer marketing.

Create a robust social presence. The latter will significantly thrive through influencer marketing. Influencers are people who have the following, or most people listen to their suggestions.

In summation, the essential Off-page SEO mechanisms are valid. Each of the strategies above will enable you to elevate your sites organic rankings and traffic.

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