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Luxury Interior Design Companies in London

A space is as good as the interior designer that works on it. When you understand this concept, you will make sure that you settle for nothing less than exemplary in your choice of an interior designer. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the luxury interior design companies in London.

  1. Laura Hammet

This luxury interior design company has won multiple awards for it’s perfection. Based in London, it specializes in interior architecture as well as interior design in luxurious residential projects. Most of their clients are property developers and private clients who have a taste in luxury. Their services are available throughout the UK as well as abroad.

  1. Boscolo

This is yet another multi award winning architectural and interior design company that is well established in London. The company is well known for its tailor made services to suit an individual’s unique project. They have a keen attention to detail and ensures that they cover every individual aspect of the project.

  1. Elicyon

Another one of the best luxury interior design london is Elicyon. The company has bagged multiple awards for its unique interior designs. One good thing about this company is their wide array of services which include project management, interior design, furniture design, and interior architecture. They work with both private individuals and property developers.

  1. Oliver Burns

For the world’s finest home designs, Oliver Burns is the company that you want to check out. This luxury interior design company is based in London but works across the globe to give the world their beautiful touch of class.

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