Who are currently the Leading Interior Designers in the UK?

Interior design is currently the ‘IN’ thing everywhere in the world. Everyone wants to be in a space that looks and feels good. For this to happen, you need to have the best interior designer for the job. The following are some for the leading interior designers in the UK currently.

  1. Abigail Aherne

This is the perfect interior designer if you are looking for some cool and idiosyncratic design for your space. She plays around with color to bring out the best of her work. She is interested in giving out the 21st century pop style and create great fun in the process.

  1. Anouska Anquetil

This is the perfect interior designer company if you are interested in a completely feminine look. Her decorative skills brings out the glamor in her designs. The strategies she uses are more of lacquer and gilt, which create a luxurious interior. Her work is however not what you may consider ‘too blingy’. On the contrary, her work has a more charmingly French edge.

  1. Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari

Reflect of style and elegance with a twist and experience Niloufar. The resultant work of this designer always has a humorous and quirky flourish finish. If you are interested in a sophisticated peculiar interior design, don’t tread anywhere else.

  1. Tom Bartlett

This is the impeccable designer of modern interior lighting designers. His design takes a more holistic approach combined with modernist architecture.

  1. Bill Bennette

This is more of the simplistic kind of a designer. He dislikes clutter and works well with simple shapes. He brings out super luxe designs and if you are one of those who love emphasis on natural palette, this is the designer for you. And you might as well like Built in wardrobes for homes.

  1. Gabriel Bernardi

If you have ever had of someone reinventing the past flawlessly, this is the designer for you. The versatility in his work makes him one of the most coveted interior designers of modern times.

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