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The bedroom is one of the least visited rooms in the house. And it is for this reason that many are unwilling to spend their money in making the bedroom as beautiful as their sitting rooms and kitchens. But for a matter of fact, this is the place you spend much of your time. Research has it that every person spends a third of their lives sleeping; therefore, the bedroom should be decorated just like any other room.

  • With this in mind, at FCI London we are dedicated to helping our clients change their old bedrooms to a pleasant modern bedroom.
  • Our team has dedicated and expert designers to help give you the best advice on your bedroom. Our furniture too is also of great quality and you can never regret spending dollars on them.
  • Like in many other areas, the way the bedrooms are being built in the modern houses has also changed. Previously, big spaces and high ceilings were the way to go. Nowadays they use a more packed style.
  • Many people are always unsure of how exactly a modern bedroom should be arranged. Below are some tips from our professional designers for a modern bedroom;
  1. Use neutral colors;

Some colors will make the room look too boxed in and busy. Neutral colors like white are expansive and are the best choice for small modern bedrooms. White bedding will fill up the space of a missing window and large wall space. To avoid the room getting void and feeling cold have layers of bright bedding.

  1. Use recessed lighting and glass to add light and space;

Instead of using the table lamp the modern rooms are fixed recessed lighting at the ceiling so as to create more space and lighting. The ceiling lighting also gives the room a nice atmosphere and a good mood. At FCI there are a variety of wall lightings to choose from.


  1. Push your bed against the corner;

This might fill like a high school room for we are used to beds being placed at the Centre in many bedrooms. But for the modern bedrooms, placing a bed at the Centre might end up taking a lot of space making your room look squeezed. The best option is pushing it to a corner and makes it cozy by using pillows.

  1. Do not use furniture with big frames;

In a compact design bedroom, an inch of space saved can be very vital. In a small bedroom, you will need to think of doing away with the footboard designed bed and bring in a simple modern headboard. At FCI we have a lot of beds designed for small bedrooms. Also, things like bedside table ensure they have small frames to save on space.

  1. Use mirrors to enlarge the space;

corner-wardrobes-for-bedroomIn the world of interior design, mirrors are seen as very valuable art pieces. They come in so many shapes; oval, circle rectangle, square and many more. Mirrors can be customized to fit each person’s wish. For modern rooms, the best mirror to use is a big mirror for instance avant-garde golden mirror or mirror by Porada available at FCI. Mirrors help in creating an illusion of a bigger room. Place in a position that it will reflect light from the window.

  1. Design your bedroom to be soothing

A lot of people are not for the idea of the modern bedroom design for it looks uncomfortable and cold. Therefore when designing a modern bedroom ensure promote an element that will promote comfort as well as better sleep. A comfortable mattress and a rug will add this element.

Make your bedroom a place you wouldn’t mind spending most of your day. Make it more welcoming. It doesn’t have to be big for it to look good. Good sleep is always associated with good health. So if you make your bedroom comfortable enough for better sleep you will have better days.


  • At FCI London, we have quality furniture and accessories that will make your compact designed room look more spacious. Our beds are very comfortable and of the right size for the small bedrooms.
  • You can visit our showroom and check out the varieties. If you’ve been having a problem with arranging your bedroom, worry no more for we have dedicated and professional designers who will help you with the arranging.
  • All our products are of superior quality. We take time to listen to what the clients want if they want something customized, so as to ensure that all our customers are happy and satisfied.
  • We have friendly prices and the payments methods are very flexible.

Visit our showroom or talk to us on info@fci.uk.com. We are open from Monday- Saturday 10am-6pm and on Sunday and public holiday at 11 am- 5 pm. Allow us to make your bedroom a pleasant place with our designer furniture brands.


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