Kitchen Woodworking Ideas

Kitchen Woodworking Ideas

The kitchen can be a fun and creative part of our houses as it consists of various kitchen pieces of equipment and utensils. Making items of kitchen use from scratch can be highly efficient and pocket warming at the same time. However, many readymade usable kitchen items are available in the market; who doesnt want to have handmade valuables at their place. Heres a list of innovative woodworking DIYs to try to save your money and space and give a classic finish to your kitchen. Go to Review Guy to check about Teds Woodworking.

1. Build a Rack to Store Spices

Build a Rack to Store Spices


This Classic piece of creation saves you from hustling for space in the kitchen. Forming a rack for spices and kitchen essentials will add a uniformity factor and reduce randomness in your cooking space. Layout, assemble and finish up the pieces of wooden backboards and frames, and you are ready to flaunt your new storage space.

2. Old Wooden Door as a Statement Ceiling

An old wooden door can act as a statement piece to add to your ceiling to give a false ceiling effect. Along with one or two lights hanging, it looks all royal.

3. Wooden Pallets as Mug and Cup Holder

Wooden Pallets as Mug and Cup Holder

A few pieces of wooden pallets are taken and assembled in a particular structure. And with the help of nails, set it into the desired position, and it is ready to hold your favourite cups and mugs.

4. Wooden Rolling Pin as a Towel Holder

It is instant DIY and does not require a lot of effort. You just need a rolling pin, few nails, split ring hangers, threaded pipes, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and a drill machine. Take measurements, drill holes, add threaded pipes and then ring hangers and rolling pin and your towel holder is ready to serve its purpose.

5. Use an Old Wooden Case as Storage Unit

You can reuse a used wooden crate in your kitchen in an unexpected way. It can be used to store items like pots, cutting boards, ceramic plates, spatulas and other stuff and can add to your storage spaces.

6. Make Wooden Sections in a Drawer for a Cleaner Look

Arrange pieces of wooden strips to divide your drawer space into sections. Storing kitchen items in cells looks way cleaner and uniform and also keeps the mess aside.

7. Paper Napkin Holder

This DIY design is logical and straightforward to present on the dining table. Just clamping a few wooden scraps together would serve the purpose of holding paper napkins on the dining table.

8. Artistic Wooden Serving Trays

Gratify your guests by presenting exotic food items plated on beautiful artistic wooden trays. Apart from serving food, these wooden trays can fulfil the decorative requirements of your place. A simple DIY can transform dismantled pieces of wood scrap into a stunning serving plate.

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