laptop heating issues

How to solve laptop heating issues & cooling fan not working?

Focus on these 5 issues

Laptops have turned out to be the users first choice of preference compared to Desktops because of the Portability factor and compact assembly. But they do have their own set of pros and cons, whether it be cost factor, battery issue or overheating. Unlike desktops which have proper cooling mechanism and sufficient air flow within the CPU cabinet, laptops somewhat dont fulfill this expectation. Because of their compactness the internal cooling system of the laptop is not adequate enough. Though there exist air vents for flowing of air in and out but this arrangement is unable to balance the heating and cooling, resulting in overheating of the entire system.

This post brings 4 important parameters to resolve the laptop heating issues. Lets go through them

laptop over heating

  1. Checkout Laptop Internal cooling fan

Though because of the size constraint your laptop can get heated up after certain hours of usage but proper maintenance of your fans can attend this issue very effectively. Cleaning up the air vents is the most advisable step. Using a clean cloth just remove all the clogged dirt and dust from the air vents. For hard to remove dust, either it can be blown via mouth or by using an air gun tool. Those who are knowledgeable can go ahead with cleaning but the new ones take help of a skilled person for cleaning the Internal cooling system. Since it requires removal of batteries and other internal components.

  1. External Cooling Fans

This one is pretty useful enough and is a great gadget for cooling down your laptop. These laptop coolers basically are a pair of fans that maintains the air flow, in and out from the vents. Though they are much convenient to use in home or office and not directly on your lap.

  1. Old and Worn out Batteries

Laptop batteries are responsible for storing the electricity and thereby spending it. Be vigilant enough to check them out. Batteries that are old enough, generates huge amount of heat. The reason being that as the life of the battery goes down so does their efficiency. Resultant, wastage of electricity rather than storing and utilizing it. This electricity wastage during charging leads to temperature rise, eventually making the laptop over heated. Replacing them is the best solution.

  1. Flat Surface

Even your Laptops do require correct posture. Laptops are designed in a manner wherein they require constant circulation of air flow (to and fro) from the bottom panel of the device. Placing the laptop on a cushioned, uneven and dirty surfaces can obstruct the air flow, thereby building up heat within the laptop. Its always better to place them on a flat hard surface such as glass/wooden tables or floors.

laptop over heating issues

  1. Overloading

Well this factor cant be generalized for all the laptops. Especially, the latest one designed for heavy duty performances which can bear extreme processing load. But most laptops have power efficient processors. They consume low power and gives satisfactory performance. Using the laptops for high end processing can put intense load on CPU, consuming more power. This will lead to drop in the internal cooling temperature because of excessive heat. If you are in India & facing the issues of laptop over heating. You can visit Laptop Repair Hyderabad to get it sorted.

With proper care and measures your laptop can work in a high effective and efficient manner. Try out these remedies for overheating problem and do let us know what best works for you.

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