Funny Questions to Ask During Speed Dating

5 Funny Questions To Ask During Speed Dating

If you’re considering speed dating, you may be asking, “What should I chat about?” They will also assist you in standing out from the multitude and making a solid first impression. There are several kinds of questions. Some are practical, allowing you to learn more about the other person’s lifestyle, such as inquiring about what they did over the weekend or recounting a favorite vacation. Others are hypothetical and help you understand how they think, and dream, such as who would portray them in a movie and who would you be if you could be a famous person for a day. This article has put together some of the 5 Funny questions to ask during speed dating.

5 Funny Questions To Ask During Speed Dating

1. Are You A Morning Bird Or Night Owl?

Suppose you want to know if your date is an active, healthy, and safe one or if they are a night person who might not be considered lazy but isn’t very high maintenance for you or one who knows to live their life. This question could be used for sarcasm, and know your kind if you are a morning or night owl. What better way to find out your type to be able to adapt better.

2. What’s Your Go-to Dance Move?

Whats your go to dance move

Suppose you are the type of person who rocks the dance floor like there isn’t no tomorrow, no matter if you’re extremely good at it or if you’re terrible. As funny and exciting as it sounds, this type of question helps you know if your date has the same taste as you do. You can also get to know their quirky side, which is the dance move they pull off.

3. Which Animated Character Would You Most Like To Kiss?

Which Animated Character would you most like to kiss

If you are an anime lover and one of the otakus, you would prefer someone who knows a tad bit about the anime world to vibe with you, right?. As naughty as this question sounds, it could determine the level of standards your date has for anime guys. It sounds also help you out in the future if you wish to go on more dates with this person.

4. Do You Want Me To Flirt With You On Our Next Date?

Do you want me to Flirt with me on next date

As spicy as this sounds, this type of straightforward question could either help you or backfire as well. But since it’s the first date, the chances of it backfiring would probably be less. This question lets you know if the other person is as straightforward as you or likes to take things slow.

5. What Is The Dumbest Question You Were Asked?

As silly as it sounds, this question could be a great ice breaker question on your first date. Not only does it clear the awkwardness, but it also helps you to look for the dumbest question they have heard.


Overall, the main aim of these questions is to make your first date experience less awkward and save you from embarrassment. So, keep your conversation light, and don’t forget to have fun.

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