3 Tips for Finding a Great Removal Company

When moving homes, one of the things that can come in quite handy is getting the services of a reliable removal company. This is normally the make or break point of your entire moving experience. You don’t’ want to be a statistic of some of the horror stories that people hear about removal companies. With this in mind, you would like to try out the following tips for finding a great removal company.

  1. Set a Pre-Move Meeting

Before selecting any random removal company that you find on the internet, you need to ensure that you have met the person in charge of the house clearance team. Have a one-on-one engagement and get to know more about the company. During the meeting, get clear details on the following:

  • The sizes of moving trucks and vans
  • Whether or not they supply packing boxes and other moving equipment
  • What type of training the staff members have
  • Are they dealing with contractors or fully employed staff
  • Is the removal company insured
  • Where are they situated
  • What is the payment procedure
  • Are there any reviews that you can check out from prior customers


  1. Get Quotes Beforehand

When choosing a removal company, you want to know their moving rates beforehand. This is to ensure that you are comfortable with the rates being charged. The quotes should ruminate the amount of goods to be transported, the crew size, the distance to the destination and the packing speed. A great removal company should readily explain their charges perfectly so that you are at par with everything that’s happening.

  1. Consider the Experience of the Company

How many removal jobs  has the company done? How long has it been in operation? Where has the removals take place in? How many recommendations can you get for the company? With these questions answered, you can easily tell whether a firm is well worth a try or not.

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