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How to Decorate Your House with Christmas Lights

String lights don’t just have to be limited to your Christmas tree. There are many ways you can use them to decorate both inside and outside your home. It’s all about the festivities now, and everyone is tripping all over, covering all the stops, trying to find the best way to decorate a Christmas tree. Well, here are a couple of ways you can use Christmas lights to decorate your home, courtesy of Holyart.

Tips and Tricks

  • The first easy step is to use cupcake liners. Its quick and easy, all you have to do is poke holes through the center of your cupcake liners, slide your string lights through it, and voila! You can then hang them around the house. You can, as well, fit metal silver liners on the cupcake liners to give it a bit more spunk, and to create a more contemporary look.
  • If you have a couple of glass or transparent plastic urns and vases, then you can easily construct your own custom-made snow globes with Christmas lights in and around them. All you have to do is purchase some fake snow, some few city scenes from any craft store, then decorate them with lights. These homemade snow globes are safe, they have a beautiful glow, and you don’t have to worry about water damage in case your kids knock them onto the floor while they play.

decorating house for christmas

  • What if you didn’t have to deal with candle wax stuck to your window? Well, now you don’t have to. You can actually use old wine and beer bottles as stands for your Christmas lights. All you have to do is take the labels off the side of the bottles, shove your string lights inside them and Bobs your uncle!! You can line them up across your window for your neighbors and friends to see.
  • If you are feeling lazy, then here is making a bunch of jar lights is a great way to decorate your house with the least amount of effort humanly possible. All you have to do is find some old Christmas balls, some old ornaments, a clear glass jar, and some string Christmas lights. The process is pretty simple. Shove the lights and the ornaments inside the car that’s it! Once the lights are on, the give the ornaments a beautiful glow, and you can put the jar anywhere in, or even outside your house.
  • If however, you are feeling a little adventurous, then a great way to use Christmas lights is to write an inspirational word on your wall, and then shape your Christmas lights along the edges of the word. If your string lights can make a phrase, well, even better!
  • If you have plants around the house, you can always string the lights along the branches. You can also run them up the walls or the nightstand. Plants make for great props though, and depending on where you’ve placed them, they can create a great, relaxing feeling in your home.
  • You can as well, use your Christmas lights to light up your hallway. By strategically placing string lights along the walls, or on the edges of the ceiling, you can create a disco fever feeling. The idea is to be festive, and this simple step can make your house as festive as festive can be!
  • Mirrors can reflect light through a substantial distance. If you have a string of mirrors around your house, then a great idea would be to place Christmas lights in front of your mirrors. The reflections are more luminous, much brighter, and they give the impression of a bigger display. It’s a great place to start your decorations, as it gives you the option to create a bit of Christmas trickery.
  • If you have a chandelier in your living room, you can wrap a good amount of Christmas lights around it, switch off the lights and admire this little piece of artwork. This is the easiest technique of all, and the most beautiful. The light from the tiny bulbs illuminates the whole room, and it gives you the definite feeling of the festive season.
  • There are scenarios where you may not have the time or the room for a Christmas tree. Not to worry, what you can do, is find some twigs, place the shortest one on top, then increase the length as you descend. Ensure they are a bit thick because you will need to place lights and perhaps some leaves and some ornaments on them. After you get to the last twig, intertwine the Christmas lights along the twigs from bottom to top. You can add some holiday green if you want, or you can just leave it as is. Either way, it looks great!

decorate your house for christmas

  • If that sounds complicated, then you can for a Dixie cup display. If you have a stack of Dixie cups in your home, then you can poke a hole on the bottom end of each cup, slide the string lights through them. The light from the string bulbs will illuminate the cups and create a beautiful full-color display. The different colored Dixie cups will make your house look great!
  • Your Christmas cards and family photos can also be great material when it comes to decorating your house over the festive season. You can create a fairy light wall by hanging your string lights across your wall, then you can pin your family photos onto the strings and create a wall full of cool memories. This works great if you have a plain, lifeless wall. The lights, the cards, and the photos will help bring it to life, and they provide an easy way to decorate your home.
  • Lastly, Christmas lights in your bedroom are always a great addition. You can always drape them over your bed. They create a serene, cozy environment. It’s easy and quick, and it makes for a breathtaking view.
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