Commercial Rubbish Removal In London, Everything You Need To Know

A huge chunk of all the waste generated in London comes from commercial premises. This includes businesses like restaurants, movie halls, bars, clubs, hospitals, to mention but a few. Commercial rubbish removal is strictly guided by the laid down rules and regulations, you have to ensure the rubbish removal company you hire for such is a licensed waste carrier. Even if you live a short drive to a designated landfill or recycling plant, youd still have to hire a licensed company like Junk Hunters to dispose of your commercial waste. Alternatively, youd have to apply for a waste carrier license in order to do the job yourself. Thats why most people prefer hiring a reputable and already established commercial rubbish removal company, instead of applying for the carrier license. Another interesting thing to note is that even when you operate a small business from your home, the waste generated therein is also considered as commercial waste.

How do you identify the right rubbish removal company?

  • Usually, the best thing to do would be for you to do your research keenly. What kind of commercial waste do you need to clear, how much of it needs to be disposed of? How often or frequently do you wish the clearance to be done? These questions matter because different commercial premises have different scenarios to tackle. For instance, an office would be okay with one or two removals a week; a busy restaurant that serves many people or a movie theatre that opens its doors each evening would call for daily rubbish removal.
  • Once youve determined the amount of commercial waste you generate and how frequently you need it removed, itll be easier narrowing your search of an ideal company. Usually, express rubbish removal companies in general tend to specialize in one kind of rubbish removal, or multi task by offering all kinds of removals. Thus some companies will specialize in offering residential waste clearance, office waste clearance, construction site waste clearance, or offer all together. A quick search on the companys site should tell you what kind of services they offer; a professional company ought to have details of their services, plus photos showing them at work. Needless to say, a company rubbish removal company that specialized in residential waste may not be best suited for commercial rubbish removal. But one that is all rounded and multi tasks would be more ideal.
  • Did you know that the law requires all commercial premises to get Waste Transfer Notes from their waste carriers? You have to keep copies of these notes in case the council or local authorities need to verify them. The note seeks to indicate the collection point and final destination of the waste collected from your premises. It is also important that you know where the rubbish will end up after being collected from your premises. If the waste will end up in a landfill, such should have an Environmental Permit or whats known as an Exemption Certificate usually given by the Environment Agency. Again, be sure to keep copies of such permits in your files.
  • Like aforementioned, the amount or commercial waste in your premises will determine how much the removal company charges. Rather than a one off kind of agreement, it is better to pick one company and stick to it; decide on the number of times theyll be coming to your premises to collect the waste. With such an agreement, itll be more affordable in the long run and you can be billed weekly or at the end of the month.
  • Professionalism also matters a lot when picking a commercial rubbish removal company in London. This applies not just in terms of doing the actual work, but also in terms of customer care and accessibility. You want a service provider that can be reached on short notice, someone that can respond to your queries or complaints fast. Thus, if a removal company doesnt have a professional customer care team; chances are that things may go haywire along the way. If the team is courteous, warm, and easily reachable, then go ahead and pick such for your rubbish removal needs.

Express Waste Removals, who are we?

Express Waste Removals is a reputable commercial waste removal company; we have worked with many businesses in London and immediate areas. Were professional, were ethical, and we are affordable too. We carefully clear all your commercial waste and junk, sort it out, before taking it away for disposal. Whatever is recyclable will be taken to recycling plants. We offer same day services and can dispatch our crews to your commercial premises in a matter of hours. Even Airbnb hosts looking to clear up junk in their premises in readiness for the next visitor; simply get in touch with us, were the real pros. Give us a call on 020 8099 9819 or drop us an email, well get back to you promptly.

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