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15 Best Things to Do In Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is the capital and the largest city of the island of Jamaica. Located on the southeast coast of this Caribbean isle, this place is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The English speaking city is located in the South of United States of America, and each year it receives millions of tourists from all over the world. And why not? Kingston is a beautiful city in the Caribbean, and we highly recommend you to visit it.

Kingston – Land of the springs

Kingston has a natural harbor and a long sand spit beach that joins Port Royal and the Norman Manley International Airport to the rest of the island country. With such a unique landscape, this country offers a lot of potential for tourism, and it should be on the top of your bucket list. If it is not, then this article will surely make you place it there as we are going to discuss 15 best things to do in Kingston. So read on and discover what the Land of springs has to offer you.

How to reach there?

Kingston has two airports. The Norman Manley International Airport serves as the main airport for all the international flights inbound from Europe, North and South Americas. But the domestic traveling is also not difficult as Tinson Pen Aerodrome serves as the domestic airport for Jamaica. Due to its ever-flourishing tourism industry, Jamaica has become a hub for all the international airline carriers, and there is a good competition between them. So you can find cheapest flights to Kingston, Jamaica from any travel agency or an agent. You can also find cheap accommodation in your favorite hotel or resort. So be wise and find discounts here and there when traveling to this wonderland.

15 Best Things to do in Kingston, Jamaica

The capital city of Jamaica has a lot of travel destinations. So if you visit this city, not even a single day will go free. Following are 15 best things you can do in Kingston, Jamaica. Enjoy your stay in the Land of springs.

Bob Marley Museum

The Bob Marley Museum is dedicated to the Reggae Musician Bob Marley. Bob Marley is known all over the world for his music, and there are people in the millions who still love his songs. This museum is located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6. This place is the former place of residence of the singer, which makes it even more special. Do visit it when visiting Kingston.

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Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a perfect place to go for a hike and explore the wilderness that surrounds Jamaicas capital city. There are a lot of scenic views in the mountains that cannot be ignored. So stop for some snaps. You can also visit some waterfalls, rock formations, and natural wildlife in the area. There is also a cable car in these mountains for you to ride.

Fort Charles

Fort Charles was built around the 1650s, and today it provides a great way to learn about some history of Jamaica. This fort offers a museum, as well as some guided tours for tourists.

Lime Cay

Lime Cay is a tiny island near the coast of Kingston. This island has some amazing white sand beaches, along with some wooded areas for cooking and shelter. It is a perfect escape from the busy street of Kingston, Jamaica.

National Heroes Park

National Heroes Park of Jamaica serves as a park and a burial ground for many Jamaican heroes. You can visit this place to pay some respect for the people of this country.

National Gallery of Jamaica

National Gallery of Jamaica is a place where you can visit the art and other creative work of Jamaican artists. This place also offers some amazing exhibits from other parts of the Caribbean. You can avail guided tours of this Gallery.

Fort Clarence Beach Park

Jamaica has a lot of beaches, and some of them are in its capital city. Fort Clarence Beach Park is one great place to visit and enjoy an amazing time in the turquoise water.

Hope Royal Botanical Gardens

Hope Royal Botanical Gardens is a perfect escape for all the people. Established in 1873 and spread over 200 acres, this place has an exotic collection of animals and plants. This place is a zoological garden, as well as the botanical garden of Kingston.

Giddy House

Giddy House was built in 1880 and was originally a weapons and gunpowder storage house. After the earthquake of 1907, this house partially sank into the ground. Today, it is one of the most visited sites in Jamaica.

Hellshire Beach

Hellshire is another beach in Kingston. We highly recommend you to visit this place with your family or a loved one. It is a beautiful sandy beach, and you can soak the Caribbean sun on this beach.

Cane River Falls

Cane River Falls is an exquisite place to visit in Kingston Jamaica. Swimming in its pristine waters is a must do for everyone. This site has some amazing views, so dont forget to take a few snaps there. You can also hire a guide to enhance your traveling experience.

things to do in kingston jamaica

Coronation Market of Jamaica

Shopping at Coronation Market of Jamaica is a must for every traveler. Here you can purchase Jamaican goods at the best prices. You can also buy gifts for your loved ones as well as getting a souvenir from this trip.

Rio Cobre

Rio Cobre is a river in Jamaica. The best-known fact about this river is that it has no source. This river and its bridges are used on Jamaican stamps. This river has 2 dams built over it. The most important feature of this river is that it ravines through Bog Walk and Northern Spanish Town.

Maiden Cay

Maiden Cay is a complete beach in Kingston, Jamaica. You can visit it on a yacht or a boat, and enjoy what this small island beach has to offer. This place is certainly for people who love swimming in turquoise waters and dissolve their feet in the white sand.

Falling Edge Waterfalls

Falling Edge Waterfalls is known as one of the best-kept secrets of Jamaica. This place is truly magical and breathtakingly beautiful. We highly recommend all our visitors to go there and enjoy what this place has to offer.


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