3 Benefits of Sofa Covers & 3 Tips For Buying Them

3 Benefits of Sofa Covers & 3 Tips For Buying Them

When you start to redecorate your home, if you decide on quite a dramatic departure from the existing dcor, you may find the chairs and sofas that looked so great now dont match anything.

Who doesnt like to change things up every once and a while though?

The problem with this urge that many of us have to redecorate and change the colour scheme of our homes is when it involves replacing furniture each time.

Fortunately, there are workarounds to this that are not nearly as expensive as forking out for new sofas every time you want to freshen up the dcor of your home.

Give Sofas a New Lease of Life With Sofa Covers For a Fraction of the Cost

Rather than spending money and effort completely replacing your perfectly good sofas with brand new furniture, you can completely refresh them with sofa covers.

If this sounds too good to be true, consider some of the very real benefits of investing in sofa covers.

3 Benefits of Sofa Covers


Sofa covers are a very simple, but effective and incredibly versatile way to change up the look of your furniture.

Because they are available in a variety of different colours and patterns, it is very easy to give that same old chair a new look that matches your new dcor.


As weve already discussed, it is quite expensive replacing sofas and armchairs. When you consider how much sofa covers cost, its clear to see that they are an affordable option. It is also more cost-effective than reupholstering your seats.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the biggest advantages, following on nicely from the above point, is how easy to keep them clean and maintain them.

Without sofa covers, you may need to invest in upholstery cleaning, which can be often very expensive.

Whereas with sofa covers, you simply just need to take them off and either send them to the dry cleaners or stick them in the washing machine.

You could even invest in another set, to swap the ones in the wash with, so that your sofa is still covered and protected.

Tips For Buying sofa covers

3 Tips for Buying New Sofa Covers

If you are interested in buying sofa covers but are intimidated by how many different products are out there, we have provided some buying tips.

Look Around Before You Buy

Dont just rush into buying the first sofa cover you come across. Look around before you buy to ensure you get not only the best deal, but the best option for you.

Consider the Price

Following on nicely from the above, you need to think about the price. You will find that there is a wide variety of prices.

Dont just pick the cheapest, because you need to think about the quality too, as well as your budget.

Bulk Buy

Rather than buying just one set of sofa covers, you should consider bulk buying instead, as you can potentially save a lot of money, and the more options you have the better.

As we noted earlier, when you have different sets, you can use one while the other is in the wash and vice versa.


Most of us think we need to shell out for an expensive, brand new sofa when ours is starting to look a bit ragged.

As youve seen above, that isnt necessarily the case and with a bit of creativity, you can totally transform your old sofa for a fraction of the price.

Give sofa covers a go and give your sofa a new lease of life.

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